Sariel 01
General Information
Race Demon - Canid
Status Deceased
Occupation Sylva's Demon
Fulfillment Level 7
Physical Description
Gender Female

Sariel was a Canid type Demon that was given to Sylva as a gesture of goodwill between the elves and humans.

Physical descriptionEdit

Sariel described as a golden-haired Canid with fur that curls like a Corcillum ladies ringlets. She is also similar to Sacharissa in appearance, though slightly smaller and with a more refined and longer snout. Still, she's said to be about the size of a small pony.


Sariel is quite protective of Sylva and is rather aggressive, though she's quick to warm up against those who earn the trust of her and her master.


Early lifeEdit

Sariel was given to Sylva, the elf diplomat upon her arrival in Vocans Academy as a gesture of goodwill.

The NoviceEdit

Sariel attacked Fletcher when he entered their room, not realizing it was an occupied room.

The InquisitionEdit

Sariel was killed in the Orc pyramid after she sacrificed herself in order to save Sylva and her friends. Ultimately the pyramid ended up collapsing on Sariel, causing her spine break. She ended up dying a slow death.

Skills and abilitiesEdit



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