Rory 01
General Information
Full Name Rory Cooper
Race Human
Status Deceased
Residence Vocans Academy
Occupation Battlemage
Fulfillment Level 3
Family Members Unnamed father †
Unnamed mother
Daisy Cooper (sister)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond

Rory Cooper was a commoner born summoner from the village of Robur who graduated from Vocans Academy.

Physical descriptionEdit

Rory was described as having bright blonde hair and blue eyes and that he spoke with an accent of a more rural upbringing.


Rory appeared to be extremely cheerful and friendly, quickly befriending the other commoners and Othello. He was also the most hesitant in believing that Fletcher, Othello, Seraph and Sylva had betrayed them.

He cared greatly about his demon despite being told that it was the weakest species. He often played with it and was horrified when Malachi was injured.

He was also shown to be rather sensitive such as quickly becoming depressed when he heard that his improvement didn't mean his fulfillment level would go up.



Rory and his sister Daisy would be lining up with the other children in Robur to be tested by the Inquisition for any Summoners. Daisy was initially reluctant to go but agreed after Rory promised that they would go out and play afterward. Damian Rook and another Inquisitor named Charles would conduct the test. Daisy would come out negative, but when Rory was tested his results were positive. Before anything else, he grabbed Daisy and ran away. He ran out of the village which he hid Daisy under a rock and told her that they were playing hide and seek and that she was hiding from their mother.

A Minotaur was soon sent after him and tracked Rory outside the village. He ran towards the border of Hominum and the Elven lands. The Minotaur was not allowed to cross the border and gave up the chase, but Rory was captured by an elf known as Dalia shortly after. When she questioned why Rory was in their land he explained that he was running away from the Inquisitors because he did not wish to be sent to the front lines. The elf explained that he would most likely be sent to Vocans Academy first as that was where they were sending summoners to be trained. Dalia agreed to allow Rory to go under the condition that he does tell anyone about her. Rory agreed and both went their separate ways, hoping that they meet again.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Summoning Abilities


  • Malachi - Mite
  • Unnamed - Mite



  • Despite having the lowest fulfillment level among the students, he's the only known commoner battlemage with more than one demon.