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Orcs are one of the known races of Hommium. They live in separate tribes that inhabit the jungles South of the Hommium Empire. They are one of humanities greatest foes and are currently locked in protracted a war with them.


The orcs are known as the first Summoners. Ignatius was once an Orcs Demon.

Approximately one thousand years before the events of the book, an Albino Orc appeared and rallied his people together against humanity in the First Orc War. The exact details are unknown, but what is known is that one prisoner taken by the orc was a son of an elf chieftain. They had taken him back to their pyramid where he was prepared to be sacrificed until the Albino orc was killed by Elf archers. Humans and Elf troops led by Lord Ignatius arrived and slaughtered the orcs, rescuing the chieftains son and ending the war in a human victory.


The appearance of Orcs differ based on gender and type. Male Orcs often sport small undeveloped tusks at the start of adolescents, and later develop at the start of adulthood. They appear humanoid in shape, with grey skin and a noticeably larger build than that of humans.

Albino Orcs are also known to appear every thousand years. They are considered special due to their white skin and are seen as a messiah of sorts.


Orcs live in a society that is divided into various different tribes, although an Albino orc with the leadership skills and summoning abilities appear and is able to unite the tribes. They were shown to have once been a peaceful society, with younger orcs caring for their elders and assisting each other in survival. Orcs were apparently the first ever summoners long before the humans, though they are claimed to be weaker than humans in that field.

Summoning is a coveted skill held highly in religious regard. Every years orcs would gather around their pyramid and watch games as summoners were brought in by shamans to be given demons.

Yet after Khan began turning them into an army, they were forcibly trained until they were desensitized to violence. Males were to become ruthless warriors while females would tend to their needs. Killing of weak and any who opposed them was common, and they would enslave an entire species to use as slaves and experiments.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

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