Mites are a kind of demon used by Summoners seen throughout the series.


Mites are one of, if not the weakest demons available to Summoners. They have a fulfillment level of 1 and are among the most common demons in the Ether. They are common a food source to other, larger demons. They are normally given out to first-year Battlemages before they can acquire more powerful demons.

Mites resemble a large insect and come in a variety of colors from blue, red to white. They come in a number of different subspecies with the Scarab Mite being the most powerful. These Mites have the ability to fly and when the reach adulthood, grow a pair of mandibles capable of temporarily paralyzing a human.

Because of their small size and flight capabilities, Mites are often used as scouts before more powerful demons are sent in.

Known owners of MitesEdit