General Information
Full Name Didric Cavell
Race Human
Age 15 (The Novice)
Status Alive
Residence Vocans Academy
Occupation Battlemage (in-training)
Guardsman (former)
Family Members Caspar Cavell (father)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Gray

Didric Cavell is a former guardsmen from Pelt who later becomes a summoner. He then, through the assistance of certain nobles, becomes a noble himself.

Physical descriptionEdit

In The Novice, Didric has a large, moonish face and blond hair. However, his face is ruined by Ignatius when he tries to attack Fletcher.

The resulting disfiguration of Didric's face is described only in The Inquisition; The right side of Didric's face is waxy and mottled red, with the edge of his lip burnt to reveal a flash of white teeth. His eyebrows and lashes are gone, leaving him with a wide-eyed appearance as if he is constantly alarmed. Patches of his scalp are almost bald, covered only by a sparse scattering of hair that pushed through the melted flesh beneath.


Even before being raised to nobility, Didric was shown to be selfish, cruel and a bully. Due to his family's wealth, he looked down on those less fortunate than him, openly taking advantage of them under the guise of following the law and cared little about what happened to them. He was quite vengeful to those who wronged him and did whatever he could to harm and belittle them. Even towards his subordinates, he demanded submission and total obedience. However, he was quick to run away when he was in any real danger.


The NoviceEdit

Didric served as one of the towns guards in the village of Pelt . He was on Pelt's ramparts when Fletcher returned from his hunting trip. Despite him making it back before the nine O'clock bell, Didric refused to let him in unless he gave his the elk he killed. After a brief argument, Fletcher reluctantly handed over the head of the elk, only for Didric to reveal that he was not on guard duty and that the real guard was in the restroom.

The next day when a convoy of traders arrived in Pelt, Didric was instructed by his father Caspar to tend to the Pinkertons horses while he discussed with them their plans for Pelt. Didric would later be present when a trader/soldier named Rotherham told his story to how he was able to procure James Baker's summoner book. He questioned his story and managed to sway the crowds against him. He demanded the book and offered a meager four shillings as payment.

Later during the evening Didric would approach Fletcher and Rotherham with a fellow guard, Jakov and demanded the book. When Rotherham refused, the situation escalated into a bar-fight which they all agreed not to use blades. When Fletcher gained the upper hand against Didric, he attempted to attack him with a hidden dagger. Though Rotterham was able to warn Fletcher who disarmed and defeated him.  

The next evening, Didric, Jakov, and Calista would follow Fletcher to the graveyard as he attempted to use James Baker's summoning book. He successfully summons a demon just as the trio cornered him inside a mausoleum. There Didric explained his father's plans to call in every debt the people of Pelt owe him in order to buy out the town and convert it to into a prison. Just as he was about to kill him. The Demon Fletcher summoned leaped on Didric and repeatedly scratched his face before burning him with a fireball.

Later his father would place a bounty for Fletcher's capture.

The InquisitionEdit

Due to the injury, he sustained from Ignatius's fireball, Didric would gain the ability to summon. Later his father would go through with his plan to take over Pelt and most of the villager's property would be taken over and turned into a prison. He would be raised into nobility after this and be given a Mite and Arach and allowed to attend Vocans Academy.

During Fletcher's trial for allegedly attempting to murder him, Didric, Calista, and Jakov would create a false story at how Fletcher intentionally summoned Ignatius and ordered him to attack them. However, this story would be disproved by Arcturus and the charges against Fletcher would be dropped.

After the trial, Didric would return to Vocans academy for the final exam. During the tournament, he would be matched up against the Dwarf Cress Freyja who defeated him in their match.

The BattlemageEdit

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Summoning Abilities


  • Rubens - Mite
  • Unnamed - Arach



  • Didric was one of the first commoners in a thousand years to be raised with nobility.