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Demons are companions to summoners that live in the Ether. They vary in levels and can only be caught if the summoner manages to use their demon to attack, drag back to the portal, and capture. The summoner's fulfillment level will determine the number of demons they can have at one time.

For example, if a summoner has a fulfillment level of 1, they can only have a level 1 demon. But if the summoner has a higher fulfillment level, they can have any combination of demons as long as the overall level of the demons does not surpass the summoner's fulfillment level.

Not many demons are known, and only demons up till level 20 have been seen in the series so far. They can be summoned via summoning scrolls as well, orc and human scrolls alike, this is how a demon can be transferred from parent to child or an orc shaman to his apprentice.

In order to capture a demon a summoner must be able to hold a wild demon on a summoning leather or any other type of organic pentacle and infuse it.

Demons Gallery

Known Demons

Level 1

  • JACKALOPE - This demon is one of the most common prey animals in the ether, and is not a popular choice among summoners. It appears as a hare with a pair of antlers on its forehead. Known for its speed and sharp incisors, this demon can still hold its own in a fight, although it is more likely to flee unless cornered.
  • MITE - Mites are the most common demon in Hominum’s part of the ether and are the food source of many demonic species. Though there are several species of smaller, insect-like Mites, Scarab Mites are the most powerful of the Mite genus. These demons appear as large flying beetles and vary from dull brown to brightly colored. When full grown, a Scarab develops a weapon to complement their powerful mandibles— a nasty stinger, which can temporarily paralyze their enemy. Many summoners use Mites as scouts to explore the ether before sending a more powerful demon into the ether to hunt.
  • WILL-O'-THE-WISP - This elemental demon appears as a glowing globe of blue, much like a wyrdlight. Though beautiful to look at, they are treacherous, leading any that might follow into the pits of sinking sand within their native swamplands. Once the victim is stuck fast or drowned, nearby will-O’-the-wisps will flock together and drain it of its blood. Beneath the glow of blue, they appear rather like a limbless glowworm.

Level 2

  • LAVELLAN - The Lavellan is a ratlike demon armed with two venomous fangs where its incisors should be and a thick, wormlike tail. Though a solid starter demon, many summoners turn their noses up at using the Lavellan thanks to its verminous appearance. Unlike a Mite’s or Damsel's, the Lavellan’s venom acts much like a snake's, causing excruciating pain and eventual death unless antivenom is administered. Since so many shamans use them as demons, it is suspected that at least some of the orc part of the ether is made up of swampland, for that is the Lavellan’s preferred habitat.
  • PYRAUSTA - This demon appears in the shape of a lizard, but with the body parts of an insect – as if made from a beetle's carapace with the same segmented joints. Its wings, though shaped like a Wyvern’s, are made from the same fragile material as a butterfly’s. The demon is prized for its ability to change color at will to blend in with its environment like a chameleon. Along with its potent sting, the demon’s insect-like eyes and antennae allow it to sense heat and movement, giving the summoner a new perspective when scrying.

Level 3

  • BAKU - The Baku shares many similarities in appearance and body shape with a real-world creature known as a tapir. The Baku is a prey animal in the ether and is not considered a suitable demon for summoners. It can be described as a pig-sized demon with an elephantine trunk and tusks and the striped orange fur of a tiger.
  • DAMSEL - An insect-like demon akin to a giant dragonfly, with an iridescent carapace and four wings. These deceptively fast creatures are highly maneuverable in the air, capable of changing direction on a penny. They are a close cousin to the Mite, with a sting that is three times as potent. These demons are common throughout the known ether.
  • KAMAITACHI - A demon that appears similar to a large fanged weasel, with serrated bone-blades replacing its paws. Relatively common in the orcish part of the ether, these expendable demons are regular attackers of Hominum’s front lines.
  • KAPPA - The Kappa is one of the more common Aquarine demons. Appearing as an overgrown toad with a turtle's beak and shell, this demon's most unusual feature is the hollow indentation at the top of its head. It is theorized that this bowl is used to store water when the Kappa travels overland, allowing it to breathe with the Kappa's large gill at the bottom. Other than its shell, this demon is a weak species and serves as a prey animal to the Nanaues and Akhluts of the ether’s oceans.

Level 4

  • COATL - The Coatl is a serpent with multicolored plumage instead of scales. Although not capable of flight, the Coatl uses its feathers to glide down from the ether's trees and onto unsuspecting prey below. The Coatl will use its venom to paralyze a victim and then constrict it to death, before swallowing the carcass whole.
  • GRYPHOWL - This demon is a combination of cat and owl and is closely related to the Griffin and Chamrosh, though it is far rarer. Their sharp retractable claws and beak are their best weapons, but it is their keen intelligence and agility in the air that makes them such a desirable demon. The Gryphowl is a loner by nature but will often form a close bond with its summoner and fellow demons if treated well.
  • GUNNI - This demon is relatively common in the ether and is considered an acquired taste by some summoners. It appears similar to a bear-sized wombat, with a pair of small antlers on its head. Its claws, teeth, and horns are not particularly sharp, but the demon’s size and muscle more than make up for this shortfall.
  • LUTRA - This dog-sized demon appears very similar to an overgrown otter, with a tail spiked like a morning star and two large incisors. They are often found in the lakes and rivers of the ether, as they are especially fond of swimming.
  • ROPEN - The Ropen appears as a hybrid between bat and bird. It has no feathers; its wings are made from a stretched membrane between clawed wing joints. When hunting, it uses its powerful talons to snatch smaller prey. Its most birdlike appendages are a long pelican beak and an elongated crest on the back of its head.
  • SHRIKE - These birdlike demons migrate annually across Hominum’s part of the ether, making entry extremely dangerous for one week of the year. Well known for their long black feathers, their wingspan is as wide as a man is tall, with each wing’s endmost feathers tipped with bleached white. A Shrike’s beak is hooked, with a bright red wattle underneath its neck and a red ridge along the top of its head like that of a rooster.
  • STRIX - Often mistaken for the Gryphowl, the Strix appears as an owlish bird with four limbs. Their feathers are tipped with red, giving them a fearsome appearance. They are common in known parts of the ether, but are rarely captured due to their vicious nature. It is not unknown for a Strix to kill and eat its siblings when they reach maturity.
  • VESP - Appearing much like an overgrown wasp or bee, these demons are often difficult to capture because of their tendency to travel in swarms. Armed with a stinger just as deadly as a Damsel’s and a pair of potent mandibles, these demons are a favorite among orc shamans.
  • YALE - The Yale is one of the ether's more common demons, but it is rarely captured due to its poor mana levels. It looks something like a hybrid of cow and deer, with cloven feet and a pair of curved horns. A Yale’s dark brown fur is striped white and black along its spine. These demons have the unique ability to manipulate the position of their horns, sometimes spinning them like a pair of drills when charging an opponent, be that another male during mating season or one of their many predators.

Level 5

  • CATOBLEPAS - The Catoblepas has a powerful bovine body and horns, a horse’s mane and a head similar to that of a warthog. This herbivorous demon has a penchant for eating poisonous plants, leaving its breath toxic. Although immune to their own Catoblepas’s noxious fumes, summoners avoid this demon for fear of inadvertently injuring others. These demons are one of the more dangerous prey animals that the ether’s larger carnivores feed upon.
  • CHAMROSH - This hawk-dog hybrid is a quarter of the size of its closest cousin, the Griffin. The Chamrosh is renowned for its loyal and loving nature and will often become lonely when separated from its master. As the preferred support demon of the Celestial Corps, this demon is a favorite among summoners.
  • ENCANTADO - The Encantado is a four-limbed dolphin-like demon, native to the waters of the ether. Though the webbed claws of their fore and hind legs are not particularly sharp, they use their hard skulls and powerful fluked tails to batter their enemies aside. If an Encantado has recently been swimming, it is not unknown for it to spray water from its blowhole to blind its enemies. They are sought after for their fierce intellect, playful nature, and speed, since they are faster than both the Nanaue and Akhlut. Unfortunately, they only appear occasionally in Hominum's part of the ether when swimming up one of the few rivers in the area.
  • ENFIELD - The Enfield is both rarer and smaller than its cousin, the Vulpid, and is the size of a large dog. It has the head of a fox, forelegs of an eagle, the narrow chest of a greyhound and the hindquarters of a wolf. Its front talons are dangerously sharp, and it has tawny brown feathers interspersed among the red fur of its front and the gray of its back.
  • LEUCROTTA - The Leucrotta is a zebra-striped demon that prefers to hunt at dusk. It is an unusual creature with cloven hooves, a lionlike tail, and the head and body shape of an overgrown badger. It is not unknown for this demon to follow Shrike migrations across the ether, eating the carrion left behind. These solitary demons were once popular with Hominum's summoners, but have since fallen out of favor.
  • MUSIMON - The Musimon appears as a cross between a horse and an enormous, bearded billy goat, with two pairs of horns on its head. The lower pair is curled and thick, while the higher pair is long and sharp like a bull’s. These demons are popular among the Dragoons, especially for the newer, less powerful summoners.
  • RAIJU - The Raiju is so rare that only five have ever been captured in Hominum’s history. Appearing much like a hybrid of squirrel, raccoon and mongoose, this mammalian demon has large yellow eyes and dark blue fur that is emblazoned with whorls and jagged stripes of teal. It has unusually high mana levels and at its most powerful, the Raiju’s lightning-bolt attack is capable of killing a bull orc. Strangely, this demon prefers to sleep on its summoner’s stomach, curling around its master’s navel.
  • SALAMANDER - Salamanders are extremely rare and do not exist in Hominum’s part of the ether. Not much is known about their habitat or history, though there is evidence that orcs have captured them in the past. They are the size of a ferret, with a similarly lithe body and limbs long enough to lope rather than scuttle like a lizard. Their skin is the color of dark burgundy, with eyes that are large, amber and round like those of an owl. Salamanders have no teeth to speak of, but their snout ends sharply, almost like a river turtle’s beak.
  • SLEPINIR - This demon could be described as an eight-legged horse, sporting four eyes like a Canid or Felid. Known for its powerful musculature, aggressive nature, and racing ability, this demon is a popular choice among Hominum’s mounted summoners, the Dragoons. With enough stamina to run for days at the speed of a cheetah, these demons are incredibly difficult to capture.

Level 6

  • ARACH - The Arach appears as an enormous spider, almost as large as a wild boar. Its eight dextrous legs are capable of skillful manipulation, allowing the demon to jump as high as ten feet and grasp its opponents by the face. The Arach has three powerful abilities. The first is the gossamer spell, shooting a luminescent web that puts one in mind of the silk of a glowworm— an adhesive that fades out of existence after a few hours. The second is the vicious stinger that protrudes from its abdomen, the venom of which is capable of killing a grown man, if the impalement on the spike does not do the job first. Finally, rather like some breeds of tarantula, the Arach is capable of releasing the bristled hairs from its back to float in the air, scourging its opponents’ skin and even blinding them. Only its summoners are immune to these bristles, as well as the Arach’s venom.
  • BARKLING - This badger-shaped demon has tough skin almost indistinguishable from bark, which it uses to camouflage itself in the jungles of the ether. Although relatively common, their tendency to hide at the top of tree trunks and the ridge of poisonous spines they can shoot from their backs make them difficult to capture. Their diet consists solely of vegetation, which they crush in their ridge-filled mouths.
  • HIPPALECTRYON - Close cousin to the Alicorn, this demon bears the front half of a horse and the back half of a cockerel, with a curved beak and red wattle instead of a muzzle. The male Hippalectryon’s red and green blend of fur and plumage culminates in a fan of bright tail feathers that it uses to attract its equally deadly, fawn-colored female counterpart. The hooked talons of its hind legs can easily disembowel an attacker, yet that does not prevent a Hippalectryon’s higher-level predators from trying to attack. This demon is a favorite among the Dragoons, Hominum’s mounted battlemages.
  • SHRIKE MATRIARCH - The Shrike Matriarch is the maternal leader of a Shrike flock. Almost twice as large as the average Shrike, these demons are not to be underestimated. It is not unknown for a Matriarch to carry off juvenile Canids, should the opportunity present itself.
  • VULPID - A close cousin to the Canid, this slightly smaller, fox-like demon has three tails and is known for its agility and speed.

Level 7

  • CALADRIUS - One of four elemental birdlike demons, the Caladrius is cousin to the fiery Phoenix, the icy Polarion and the lightning-powered Halcyon. With the white feathers and gentle features of a dove, this demon’s high mana and rare healing powers are highly desired, even if its relatively small talons are not. These demons are rumored to spend most of their time high above the cloudscape of the ether, where the air is too thin for other demons to find them.
  • CANID - A dog-like demon with four eyes, lethal claws, a fox-like tail, and a thick ridge of fur down its spine. These demons range in size from that of a large dog to a small pony, depending on the breed.
  • FELID - This bipedal cat demon has four eyes and the stature and intelligence of a jungle chimpanzee. Their breeds vary from leonine, tigrine and leopine, bearing resemblances to lions, tigers and leopards respectively.
  • HALCYON - The Halcyon is thought to be the most common of the four elemental avians, with bright metallic feathers that make it shine brightly when it flies. With razor-sharp talons, high mana levels and the ability to fire lightning from its elongated tail feathers, its conspicuousness is its only disadvantage.
  • KIRIN - The Kirin might be described as a hybrid between reptile and horse. Though their body shape resembles that of their equine cousins, Kirins are armored from head to hoof in viridian scales. Much like its cousin, the Alicorn, the Kirin sports a horn in the center of its forehead, though the Kirin’s branches in two rather like an antler. Vainglorious summoners actively seek out this rare demon, as their lustrous red manes and tails make for a regal mount. It is a favorite among Dragoon officers.
  • PHOENIX - A large bird with red-orange plumage and long tail feathers like that of a peacock, the Phoenix is the rarest of the four elemental avian demons. High in mana and capable of breathing fire like a Salamander, these demons are said to inhabit the rims of active volcanoes in the ether.
  • POLARION - Polarions are believed to inhabit the clouds above the ether’s seas, using their ice ability to hunt any small demons foolish enough to leap out of the water. Rare sightings report the demon to be built much like a kingfisher, with blue-black plumage and a white belly. They are unusually high in mana and have the extremely rare ability to freeze their enemies, making them a fine addition to any summoner’s roster.

Level 8

  • ALICORN - A horse demon with swanlike wings and a single horn growing from the center of its forehead. These equine demons are notoriously difficult to capture thanks to their speed both in the air and on land. The Alicorn herds migrate across Hominum’s part of the ether once each decade, and those that are slow enough to be captured tend to be the sick, injured or young.
  • ANUBID - This rare demon stands on two legs and has the head of a jackal. Though their bodies are rangy and gaunt, they are known for their agility and speed. Unusually for demons related to the common Canid, this demon has only two eyes.
  • GOLEM - This rare elemental-class demon can be made from many different types of minerals, including clay, mud and sand, the most powerful of which is the stone. Juvenile Golems begin at only a few feet tall, but can grow to over ten feet. They appear roughly humanoid, though they only have one large digit and an opposable thumb.
  • HIPPOGRIFF - The Hippogriff is a hybrid of eagle and horse. Though fast on the ground, it lacks the fierce claws of its more powerful and rarer cousin, the Griffin, relying on strikes from its beak and hooves. It is a popular choice of demon for members of the Celestial Corps, second only to the Peryton.
  • HYDRA - A Hydra is a large demon with three snakelike heads on long, flexible necks. Its body is similar to that of a monitor lizard, at around the same size of a large Canid. These demons were once more common in Hominum’s part of the ether, but are now extremely rare.
  • LYCAN - Another distant cousin to the Canid, the Lycan appears much like an Anubid, with a thicker, bulkier body and the head of a wolf. Though stronger than their cousins, they are less intelligent and difficult to control.
  • TARASQUE - The Tarasque is a six-legged demon with a spiked tortoiseshell, a club-tipped tail and a lizard-like head capped with a ridge of thick bone. They are able to survive in the hottest, most inhospitable of conditions, and their natural habitat is the Wurm-infested deserts of the ether. It is theorized that their spiked shells are designed to prevent Wurms from comfortably injecting them.

Level 9

  • NANAUE - This humanoid shark demon is a favorite among orc shamans thanks to its vicious jaws, sharp claws and impressive agility. With a posture more akin to a chimpanzee than a man, these demons are excellent climbers and are capable of jumping great distances. They come in the various breeds of their animal counterparts, with the great white, hammerhead and tiger shark being the most common.
  • PERYTON - The most favored demon of the Celestial Corps, Perytons appear as winged, horse-sized stags, with majestic antlers branching from their foreheads. Their front legs end in hooves, yet their back legs are clawed like a falcon’s, complete with deadly talons that can do serious damage. Instead of the traditional bob that all deer have, these demons have long, elegant tail feathers. While their herds migrate sporadically across Hominum’s part of the ether, they are considered the most common of the flying steeds available to Hominum’s summoners.
  • SOBEK - Sobeks are native to swamps, rivers, and lakes, avoiding the wider seas and oceans of the ether. These thick-skinned bipedal crocodilians use their claws and jaws to tear apart their opponents, if their large tails haven't battered them to the ground first. Hunched over at five feet tall, this demon could stand toe-to-toe with its natural adversary, the Nanaue.

Level 10

  • AHOOL - Appearing as a giant bat with the musculature of a mountain gorilla, the Ahool is a solitary demon that is rarely found in the known ether. Ahools are occasionally used as a mount for more powerful orc shamans. Known for their acute senses of hearing and smell, they make excellent trackers on air and land alike. With sharp claws on its winged forelimbs and fangs as thick as elephant tusks, an Ahool is capable of taking on a Griffin.
  • GRIFFIN - This rare demon will occasionally stray into Hominum’s part of the ether. Horse-sized, it has the body, tail and back legs of a lion and the head, wings and talons of an eagle.
  • ONI - Onis appear similar in size and stature to orcs and are a favored demon among veteran shamans. They are characterized by their crimson-red skin, a pair of horns erupting from their foreheads and overdeveloped upper and lower canines. Though they appear bright, Onis are more animal than sentient being, with less intelligence than the average Mite.

Level 11

  • MINOTAUR - These humanoid demons are tall, large, hairy and muscular. They have the head of a bull and cloven hooves for feet. Unlike the Golem, they have clawed hands, which are capable of manipulating weapons, though teaching one to use them is a difficult task. It is very rare to see one of these in Hominum’s part of the ether.
  • NANDI - The Nandi might be described as a giant, bearlike creature, with powerful jaws and claws that can tear apart most opponents. However, it has a musculature, intelligence and agility more akin to a dog's than that of a bear.

Level 12

  • MANTICORE - This rare demon has bat-like wings and forelimbs, a scorpion tail and the body of a lion, though the dark fur is interspersed with sharp spines. The Manticore’s leonine face can sometimes appear almost human, and its features are capable of expressing complex emotion. Its venom is so potent that one droplet will kill a man within minutes. Members of the Raleigh family are said to be immune.

Level 13

  • IFRIT - The Ifrit is an elemental akin to the Golem, aligned with fire rather than stone. A close cousin to the ice-powered Jotun, its skin appears to be made of blazing lava. This fire elemental is immensely strong and is even capable of breathing flames from its mouth. It is one of the more powerful demons that orc shamans are able to capture from their part of the ether.
  • JOTUN - Jotuns are known only from a fleeting mention in a single ancient Elven scroll, though Hominum’s scholars dispute the authenticity of this text. Described as giant humanoids that appear to be hewn from ice, they are said to be capable of freezing all that they touch. These demons are suspected of living in the snowy ice caps of the ether’s tallest mountains.
  • SHEN - The Shen is similar to a giant clam, complete with a spherical, hinged shell. It moves on both land and sea by rolling itself back and forth. This demon has an enormous amount of mana, required for its unusual mirage spell - an ability that allows the Shen to create an illusion, usually of another, more powerful demon. It is not clear whether the Shen is actually creating an image or making those that are watching hallucinate, but the effect remains the same. Unfortunately, this demon is perhaps one of the rarest around, with only one recorded capture in all of Hominum's history. It died shortly after being checked against a fulfilmeter, but its shell remains at Vocans Academy to this day.
  • WENDIGO - The Wendigo is a rare demon that is known to follow the Shrike migration across the ether, eating the carcasses of its victims. Despite its role as a carrion eater, the Wendigo is a powerful beast in its own right, with corded muscle lining its skinny frame. Standing as high as eight feet tall, it has branching antlers, a wolf-like head and long arms that it uses to knuckle the ground like a gorilla. It is known to have the mottled gray skin of a corpse and the stench to match, most likely from its regular consumption of rotting flesh.

Level 14

  • INDRIK - These enormous demons have the long necks and large bodies of giraffes, but with thicker limbs, a long tapering tail, and a head that is more akin to that of a horse’s or camel’s. Their fur is short, gray, and mottled with black patches. Traveling in herds of a score or more, Indriks migrate widely, acting as a food source for the large, carnivorous demons across the ether's ecosystem. Given their role as prey animals and their high summoning level, these demons are relatively useless to summoners.

Level 15

  • AKHLUT - The Nanaue is to a shark as the Akhlut is to an orca, or killer whale. Cousin to the dolphin-like Encantado, this demon is thought to move on all fours like a wolf, using its webbed claws and fluked tail to travel over land and sea. As large as their animal counterparts, these demons have never been seen in the flesh. All knowledge of the Akhluts’ existence comes from a depiction – a name and summoning level painted on the inside of an orc shaman's hut.
  • WYVERN - The Wyvern is the orcs’ main counter to the demons of the Celestial Corps. These enormous scaled creatures have bat-like wings, long, spiked tails and horned crocodilian heads. Their skin is so tough and cartilaginous that only a lance or well-placed musket ball can pierce it. Other than their jaws, the Wyverns’ main weapons are their powerful legs, which are tipped with the hooked hind claws of a raptor. They are slower than most flying demons and are often backed up by the more agile Shrikes, Strixes and Vesps.
  • ZARATAN - This amphibious demon could be described as a hybrid between a tortoise and a turtle, with webbed claws, a sharp beak, and a protective shell. Their newborns appear the same size as a sea turtle, but they can grow to the dimensions of a small archipelago. In fact, they are often mistaken for islands, given the amount of vegetation that forms on their rugged shells. Considered the most long-lived demons in the ether, these demons are said to live as long as two millennia.

Level 20

  • PHANTAUR - The Phantaur is as much an elephant as a Minotaur is a bull. With its serrated tusks, sturdy fists and a height of over ten feet, it is a force to be reckoned with. Thought to be the rarest and most powerful demon available to orc shamans, only one has ever been seen. Little is known of its behavior and habitat. It is thought that the one Phantaur to have been captured has been passed down through thousands of generations of shamans, its origins lost to the mists of time.


  • BEHEMOTH - This demon roamed the ether thousands of years ago, but is now extinct. Little is known about them, since all that remains are their bones. At twenty times the size of an elephant, these demons were gigantic, second only in size to the Zaratans, though from examination of their teeth it is theorized that they were peaceful herbivorous ruminants, grazing on treetops as a cow might eat grass. The Behemoth had a similar body structure to a hippo and a head comparable to that of a manatee, but with a buffalo’s horns.
  • CETEAN - These demons lurk in the abyss within the Ether. They prey on demons that stray too close to the edge of the Ether, grabbing those bold enough to come close to the edge with their octopus like tentacles lined with suckers. No summoner has, in recorded history captured one of these beasts thus there is no definitive level but most likely it has an astronomically high level and will take a huge fulfillment level to harness one.
  • DRAGON - According to the testimony of one Fletcher Raleigh, the Dragon is the final stage in the metamorphosis of the Salamander species. Appearing as a giant Drake, this demon is complemented by larger horns and scaly skin that is extremely difficult to penetrate. Only one specimen is thought to have existed – belonging to Khan, the religious leader of the orcs. It is theorized that only an albino orc is capable of summoning a demon of such power, stemming from the hypothesis that a quirk of evolution has given the albinos of the orc species immensely high fulfillment levels.
  • DRAKE - Previously unknown to Hominum’s summoners, the Drake is something of a mystery to researchers at Vocans, since it is yet to be examined or tested against a fulfilmeter. From the descriptions of the owner of the only known specimen – one Fletcher Raleigh – it is clearly the first stage in the metamorphosis of a Salamander, facilitated by the extreme heat of a volcano. Somewhat larger than a Griffin, the Drake is similarly proportioned to that of a Salamander, with the addition of a long, sinuous neck, two back facing horns on its head, and a pair of large leathery wings. As with their smaller counterparts, Drakes have the ability to breathe fire, self-heal, and heal others with their saliva. Rumors have circulated that a Drake’s summoner becomes immune to fire, but the veracity of these claims is yet to be determined.
  • TRUNKO - Few sightings of this demon have been made, but most reports describe the Trunko as a white, whalelike creature with a trunk like an elephant’s. Trunkos use these trunks to discreetly replenish their air reserves when they are at the surface, rather than breaching and allowing predator demons to know their presence. It is suspected that the Trunko is hunted by most sea predators, for their half-eaten remains have been known to wash up on the shore.
  • VEO - TBA
  • WURM - TBA

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