General Information
Also known as Sarge
Race Human
Status Deceased
Residence Raleighshire
Vocans Academy (former)
Occupation Bodyguard
Weapons master at Vocans (former)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray
Sir Caulder is a bodyguard of the Raleigh family. He was knighted and made the weapons master at Vocans by King Harold. He later resigned from his post at Vocans to return to Raleighshire.

Physical descriptionEdit

Sir Caulder has graying hair that resembles a scarecrow. He is also missing his right foot and hand, replaced by a thick peg and wickedly sharp hook respectively.


Caulder was extremely dedicated to his duty as a soldier under the Releighs and searched for their lost son long after they had died. He took great pride in his service to them as shown as he wore their uniform and boasted about his service. Caulder was also rather strict and grumpy as he took offense to Fletcher implying that he was helpless and viciously defeated him shortly afterwards.


Early lifeEdit

Sir Caulder was formally a bodyguard for the Raleigh family until they fell out of power. He was the only one of the bodyguard to survive an orc raid that killed Fletcher's parents. He witnessed Athena carrying the infant Fletcher away. Following this, he joined Vocans Academy as the weapons master, in hopes of reuniting with Fletcher.

The NoviceEdit

Upon Fletcher's arrival in Vocans, Sir Caulder meets him in the arena and engages in a mock fight with him, and wins. Throughout the year, he trains Fletcher and his friends to become better swordsmen in order to beat the nobles.

The InquisitionEdit

Sir Caulder is first mentioned being held up by the guards outside the courtroom where Fletcher is trialed. He is then seen walking into the courtroom and suggesting that Fletcher is indeed Edmund Raleigh's son, having heard how Berdon Wulf came to be Fletcher's foster father. Caulder's story of events is believed by King Harold and Fletcher is deemed a noble and pardoned. Unfortunately, the old King Alfric had the last word. He ordered Fletcher to be injected with Manticore venom in order to see if he was truly a Raleigh, since the Raleighs were immune to the venom. Fletcher survived and was pardoned.

Sir Caulder is then seen in Pelt in an argument with the guards. He was afraid of returning to Vocans after standing up to the Triumvirate, so he returns to Raleighshire with Fletcher as the liege lord and resigns from Vocans. He was then tasked with leading the villagers of Pelt who agreed to follow Fletcher to their new home of Raleighshire.

The BattlemageEdit

By the time of Fletcher and his companions return from the Ether, Sir Coulder has reached Raleighshire with the other villagers. He assists in rebuilding the town and integrating the new Dwarven colonists along with the people of Pelt. He and Rotherham act as drill sergeants for the new defense force of Raleighshire, teaching the men on how to use their poleaxes.

He along with the other soldiers (now named the Foxes) participate in the defense of the Cleft when the goblins attempt to launch an attack against Hominum from behind. Once the position became indefensible, he and Rotherham voluntarily remain behind to the delay the enemy. Before leaving, Sir Caulder asks Fletcher to take care of Raleighshire. The two soldiers hold the goblins back for a short time but are soon overwhelmed.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Swordmanship


  • Staff
  • Sword