Athena 01
General Information
Race Demon - Gryphowl
Status Alive
Occupation Fletcher's Demon
Edmund's Demon (former)
Fulfillment Level 4
Physical Description
Gender Female

Athena is a Gryphowl type Demon that once belong to Edmund Raleigh. Years after his death, she was gifted to Edmund's son Fletcher.

Physical descriptionEdit

Athena looks much like a barn owl, with a heart-shaped face, white plumage on its underside and tawny brown feathers above. However, unlike an owl, she had four feline legs, complete with a cat's tail, ears and claws, as well as fur intermingled within the fluffy plumage. Fletcher also noted that Athena's round expressive eyes were as blue as Sylva's.


Athena is very protective of Fletcher.


Early lifeEdit

Athena originally belong to Edmund, before he was killed in an Orc raid. Before he died, Edmund ordered Athena to carry their baby to the Elven lands where he would be given refuge. However Athena was only able to reach the village of Pelt before being forced to return to the Ether. King Harold kept Athena's summoning scroll in his possession.

The InquisitionEdit

King Harold later passes Athena's summoning scroll to Edmund's son, Fletcher.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Flight via Wings
  • 360-Degree Neck Rotation
  • Night Vision


  • Athena appears to be named after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom which is fitting as her sacred animal was the owl.



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