Arcturus 01
General Information
Full Name Arcturus Faversham
Race Human
Age 15 (Origins)
Status Alive
Residence Vocans Academy
Occupation Battlemage
Rank Captain
Fulfillment Level 8 (Origins)
14 (The Novice)
15 (The Inquisition)
Family Members Elaine Lovett (wife)
Unnamed mother †
Royce Faversham (father)
Ophelia Faversham (stepmother)
Charles Faversham (half-brother)
Verity Faversham (niece)
Unnamed half siblings
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Black

Arcturus, also know as Arcturus Faversham, is the first commoner to study at Vocans Academy and one of Royce Faversham's bastard children.

Physical descriptionEdit

Arcturus has been described as handsome, but fearsome looking due to the scar that has marred his face. The scar extended from the center of his right eyebrow down to the corner of his mouth, leaving a blind milky eye. He had a pencil-thin mustache and curling black hair that is tied at the nape of his neck.



Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Summoning Abilities


  • Sacharissa - Canid
  • Basan - Hippalectryon †
  • Bucephalus - Alicorn (former)



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